About Me

Hi! My name is Pablo Arroyo and for many years I have been working designing my own web pages, generating content for them and other web spaces and I have even created my own video game together with two other friends.

On MyFreeAssets.com , I intend to share with the world the photographs, images, videos and videogame resources that I create so that you can download them freely and use them in your own content.

As you will suppose, it is difficult not only to generate all this content and offer it for free but also to host it in an online hosting company. As well as trying to improve my photographic equipment and resource design for videogames.

For that reason, if you want you can support me financially so that it continues generating all this free content and even improving it little by little and that you do not have to pay for them in the usual pages of banks of images, videos and others «Marketplace».